Fast and easy business loans

  • – £1000 – £250 000
  • – 4-36 months payment term
  • – One application – several offers

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Loans up to £250 000

We are specialized in helping British companies apply for business loans. We serve companies of all sizes around The United Kingdom and help companies to quickly and effortlessly apply for funding that they need. We are not a traditional loan brokerage site, one of those that are based on self-service and make you fill in tens of applications. We offer our customers real service – personally. We personally call each of our customers after they apply for the loan and after we get them offers. We help them and guide them through the process and give their all of our knowledge and advice in every turn. Our customers can really feel that they have been taken care of.

By making one simple loan application you will get several loan offers that you can compare in peace and choose the solution that best suits your business. The loans are generally short-term, with a payment period of 4-36 months.

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A simple and a fast way to get loan offers

We make it easier and faster to get a business loan. We do not act as a financing company ourselves. We are brokers looking for financing that suits our customers’ needs and circumstances using our extensive partner network. Our good relationship with different financing companies often offers our customers more competitive loan offers.

We do the “hard work” on the acquisition of financing on behalf of our customers so they can save their time on other important tasks. Our trained and professional loan specialist handle the whole process for you. You only have to make the loan application and wait for our call. After a short interview, you will get a loan offer and make a decision either independently or with the help of our loan advisor.

We are an international financial player and our partners are both local and global financing companies. In addition to The United Kingdom we also operate in EU countries like Finland, Sweden, Denmark and also Norway.

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We make getting funding simple

The everyday life of companies is often very hectic and there is only a limited time or opportunity for organizing business financing. When applying for funding you may not always be able or willing to concentrate on the required professionalism and diligence and this often makes getting funding difficult or almost impossible. When a company has a need for funding it is advisable to ask for a loan from more than one provider – we enable it with one simple loan application.

We do the work so you may focus on managing your business

Our staff has years of experience in the finance industry and we are constantly training them to serve our customers as well as possible. Our experts are able to communicate the difficult terms of the banks to our clients in an easily understandable form.

Our main task is to help companies obtain and choose financing that best suits their situation. On the basis of the feedback we have received, we have been very successful here. We are most praised for the fact that we are acting quickly yet carefully and that we are dealing with absolute confidence and customer’s needs put first.

Let us handle what we know the best and you can focus on managing your business. Once you have made a loan application and received the offers our experts will help you choose the best option for your business. All you have to do is make the final decisions on the options you have received.

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